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This is reportedly Sunshine Gibson, one of the Gibson sisters that owned the hotel in the 1920's.

A worker at the front desk claims one of the ghost has been calling their phone all night.

They’ve gotten phone calls from the kitchen and the phone in the kitchen is not working.

They also received a phone call from the boss' office even though he had left 2 hours earlier.

The night before the hanging however, Aury managed to slit his own throat in effort to deprive the city of his humiliating spectacle.

A surgeon was summoned to crudely stitch him up just enough to keep him alive until the execution.

He appears to the workers there and guest he pull there blankets off them at night and moves your shoes and stuff in a neat place he’s a good ghost doesn’t bother anyone but be careful not to trash he room 128 or hell destroy your things and hell mess with you the whole stay.

The workers there well tell you the stories and you always feel someone watching you at night.

He haunts the rooms there and the bar and dining room you hear footsteps late at night and no one there piano has started playing in the bar at night when its closed and no ones there.

Waterspout are whirling columns of air and water mist that can sometimes cause as much damage as a tornado.

They fall into two categories: fair weather waterspouts and tornadic waterspouts.

Workers there report hearing loud bangs in the attic where no one is allowed to go. The land it sits on used to be swampland, and people say gangsters used to dispose of bodies there. There are about 10 beds there, with about 2 or 3 people dying each week (sometimes more).

And feeling someone brush up against you when you are alone. No one who has owned the bowling alley supposedly has been able to make a go of it. The ghost of Mary Morrow, the wife of the doctor is sometimes seen by the staff.Sometimes when the phone rings, the switchboard lights up from rooms that are unoccupied.

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